Online Ifa Priesthood Education Program Now Available for Ifa Initiates

After a year of intense development, Oloye Fayomi Falade, an Iyanifa with over 50 years experience in the Ifa Orisa traditions, has completed recording videos for an Ifa Priest Education program hosted by Ori Institute. Now, those initiated Ifa priests in the Diaspora who are seeking comprehensive and affordable education based on traditional Ifa can do so with the confidence of learning from a tenured traditional priest with an established Ile. Ideally, one should be able to learn what is necessary from their Oluwo who initiated them. This program is not designed to replace the direct teaching from your Oluwo or Ojubona. However, in the Diaspora, the level of training necessary to make a competent priest is not always easy to attain. Some cannot afford to go to Africa to study for 10 years with a Babalawo. Family and financial obligations at home can realistically hinder this. Others may have been initiated locally and for one reason or another, may have not been able to get the level of training they desired. Others may have gotten training, but seek to take their education to the next level. Whatever the case, the courses in this Series of courses offer an outstanding opportunity for Ifa Education. The series is comprised of 5 courses that take the practitioner from worship to practice. The series begins with the Elements of Worship course. This course is a video taped retreat offered to Chief Fayomi’s priest in Ile Iwonsan Mimo Orunmila Temple. This retreat lasted 3 days and comprises a whopping 27videos recorded live. It is a virtual retreat! All of the little things not in books that are passed from teacher to student are recorded and now available to be shared with you. It also serves as a summary for the courses to come covering …

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Ifa Orisha Studies through Online Courses

The first thing a beginner in the Ifa Orisha tradition asks is how do I learn more. Most will suggest that they find an elder. Of course the tradition is still mostly oral and one MUST have an elder to help navigate their way.  It what if you are wanting to learn and you live in a town where there are none, or you don’t connect with the ones where you are, or you were initiated in Africa and the vast distance inhibits the ability to gain all of the necessary training you need to practice? These are real issues and the world of the internet can lead you to succeed just as much as it can lead you astray. Most find sooner or later, that everything said  on YouTube is not always…right or accurate. Some of it is just dead wrong. So what do you do to get good quality information from experienced priests and elders in the tradition? Ori Institute has provided a solution to such dilemmas. Ori Institute is rolling out some online courses for beginners in the tradition as well as post initiation training for Ifa priests. The courses will be offered online and can be viewed in your phone, home computer, or tablet. The Ifa Priesthood Education Program is a series of courses for those who have undergone Itefa or itelodu. They are not intended to replace any elder or personal training. As stated, they are still necessary. What it can do is supplement your Ifa training with a comprehensive educational tools that will help you to be an even better priest. Whether used  as continuing education or a foundation to begin, you are guaranteed to come away learning something valuable from each course. The courses consist of recordings of live in person and video …

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