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    This Online Video  Series will explore the African Women’s Mysteries, a long sought after and highly exclusive series of insights for biological women.Legal Id required to prove such. This course series will involve 2 courses covering East African Mysteries and West African Mysteries. The course is highly selective and permission to attend must be attained by course facilitator before fully approved. Successful completion of the courses qualifies participants to apply for induction into the secret society of women at the Aje retreat. Each course is 9 weeks long. West African Mysteries contents: Primordial Mothers of Africa, Iyami Aje Ancient Mothers and Orisa Mami Wata Cosmic Calabash and 7 African Mothers The 7 Ase’s Aje Cosmology Women’s gateways in the Body Great Mother guiding principles and laws Cosmic Womb of Odu 4 Blood Mysteries and much more!​

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