This online workshop will explore the African Women’s Mysteries, a long sought after and highly exclusive series of insights for biological women. Legal Id required to prove such. This course series will involve 2 courses covering East African Mysteries and West African Mysteries. The course is highly selective and permission to attend must be attained by course facilitator before fully approved. Successful completion of the courses qualifies participants to apply for induction into the secret society of women at the Aje retreat. Each course is 9 weeks long. 

East African Mysteries contents:

Great Mothers of the East
The Goddess tree of life 
The trifold mysteries of the Throne of Auset 
Ms. Stories of the Goddess
Mysteries of Sekhmet and Hether 
Mysteries of the Royal Arch of Heaven 
Mysteries of Sati and the Path of Sirius
Mysteries of Cosmic Order and Maat 
Mysteries the Inner temple and Seshat
Mysteries of The Golden Egg and Mut


Course Curriculum

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