Elements of Worship is the beginning of a series of courses designed to support the training of Babalawos and Iyanifas. This course will cover a number of topics related to ifa worship services. It will cover Egungun work, Ori Work, and a general summary of the courses to follow more in depth. It contains 23 videos covering a live class that was recorded over 3 days.  There is literally a fountain of information in this course, the likes of which is generally only covered when working with an Awo with many many years of experience. She recalls life experiences of over 40 years with the content she is sharing. The delivery is in a conversational tone so you get to participate as a student in the same way it was delivered. Tidbits of spiritual works and little things an awo can do to enhance their ase and work along with a number of Ifa stories and Odus.

This program in broken into four major themes:

The Worship- Libation, Prayer, Iba, Esu, Orin, Praise

The Celebration of Divine Spirits — Orisha

The Message from the Divine Spirits

The lecture or Theological understanding of The Elements of Worship

Other topics covered

Performing Egun Joko

Types of Egungun

Iwa and cultivating good character.



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