• Afrocentric (Ifa) Family counseling and Ceremony is a counseling class for priests in the diaspora. This class will pull together concepts in mental health care as they intersect with the spiritual concerns of priests and discuss courses of treatment that accommodate the world view of a mental health care patient who is a member of this diasporic culture. This course is addressed under the heading of family counseling due to the communal nature of Ifa diasporic culture which dictates that all counseling will be family counseling and that family can and will often extend: to those who are no longer living (i.e. Ancestors, Egungun, etc.), to the community (i.e. prayer), as well as to the forces of nature (i.e. Orisa, Divination, etc.). These components will be considered in the context of dysfunctional relationships as well as viewing these relationships as part of an extensive support system. This course will also cover important ceremonies such as weddings, Esentaye, and funerals.

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