So you have been hearing about African Spirituality, Orisha, Ifa, and Ancestors lately? You are curious but don’t know where to start or who to go to? You are invited to take an online class that will allow you to explore, learn, and get your questions answered.

These are introductory classes (7 weeks) for those seeking further information about the Ifa Orisha tradition, African Spirituality, or those seeking to practice their ancestral traditions. The emphasis is on beginners, those who don’t live near or know any priests, those who want to learn but haven’t committed to any Ile or God parent and those in the diaspora. While the course is taught by a fully initiated priestess in the tradition, it is taught for those who may be interested in priesthood as well as those who just want to learn and be an Orisha devotee. It’s here to answer your questions and fill in the blanks without judgement or misinformation often found on the Internet.

The course  consist of audio lecture recording from a live class in MP3 format, reading materials, video references from a number of sources,

Topics covered are as follows:
African Spirituality and Ancestral Traditions- exploring common features and approaches of African Spirituality and other African spiritual traditions.

History of Ifa Orisha Tradition – Participants will learn about the ancient, recent, and modern developments in the tradition from Africa to the Americas.

Introduction to Ori and African higher consciousness- Students will learn about the role of the divine self in the whole scheme of African Spirituality. Will learn a technique to connect with the divine self at any time.

Introduction to Ancestor Reverence- Will explore how to work with ones ancestors. Tools and techniques for deepening the relationship.

Introduction to Orisha – students will explore the nature of the divinities called Orisha and Irunmole in Ifa Orisha Spirituality.

Introduction to Divination- Students will learn about the kinds of methods of divination found in Ifa Orisa traditions as well as a method that can be used right now to communicate with their ancestors.

Pathways to Priesthood- students will explore the role of mentors in the tradition as well as how to evaluate potential mentors or god parents for further development.

How to work with Orisha as a devotee- students will explore how to work as a devotee in the tradition outside of a traditional ile and independently.

Art of Ritual- Students will explore specific ceremonies and rituals that can empower their lives as well as a few songs in the traditions.

Course Curriculum

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