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Ori Institute offers exciting courses in Earth based traditions, women's wisdom, holistic healing, and conscious living.
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We are a collection of professionals in our fields offering training in indigenous technology, women's traditions, and personal i development.

Our mission is to offer quality online education in indigenous technology, women's tradions, holistic health, and conscious living.

Our vision is to be a becan of quality education  for those searching for ancient wisdom in the 21st century and empowerment to live in harmony with nature and a more conscious life.  


An ever growing collection of quality courses and programming that will be available in the comfort of your home or conveniently where ever you are on your phone or tablet.   









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Ori Institute Mission

To offer valuable online education and training to conscious adults in the holistic sciences, sacred arts. and indigenous technology for the purpose of empowerment, healing, and personal evolution. We endeavor to support each persons journey by offering them opportunities to learn and explore in the comfort of their home, phone, or tablet anywhere in the world.
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