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      Class Begins August 7, 2018! Bone Divination dates back to 30,000 years ago in South Africa. It is literally the oldest form of divination on the planet. Traditional healers and priests used their skills of reading the bones to diagnose problems, identify solutions, assist people in decision making and seeing the future. From Ancient Bantu Africans to African Americans in Diaspora, the use of bones has survived to be used by modern day priest, rootworkers, Hoodoo practitioners to support people in the community. This bone divination course  is designed to teach you the art and science of bone reading from beginner level to proficient. As a part of a 2 part program, The first course is designed to teach you how to read for yourself, prepare and set up your initial bone pieces and perform a reading. The course will be offered for 6 weeks and each class will be approximately 90 min- 2 hours on Tuesdays at 7 pm central. The classes will be recorded and available for those who are not able to make it to the class. You will learn: How to collect, store,  consecrate and wake up a live bone set.  Personal rituals and invocations to use with the bones. How to read yes or no bones and commune with your ancestors through the bones.  How to read for love and money  The history and types of bone divination available and working with ancestral guides.     How to read with your initial set, forecasting, and developing intuitive skills  How to fine tune answers  to get the most out of a reading Guidelines on giving readings  for yourself, family, and friends.  Cosmology, bone metaphor, and how to read a cosmological map Ethics and Professionalism with Bones How your personalize your  set and grow it to meet your special needs.  You will receive a certificate of completion for Apprentice Level of this Course   The Master course will advance the initial skills from the first course. This is where the practitioner separates themselves from regular bone readers to Professional diviners.  The student will learn how to create  common solutions using the bones for rootwork and with Traditional African Conjure methods.  The practitioner will learn fixes and solutions for common situations they may encounter with clients.  It will also  expand the map upon which the practitioner reads as well as the cosmological approach incorporating 16 core African principles that are the foundation for all life. This course will expand the practitioners viewpoint enormously. It is more intense and requires more memorization, homework, and practical and written test and case studies required  to obtain certification as a bone diviner. The Apprentice Course is a prerequisite for the Master course and the Master course is by invitation only.  The course is offered live via video conferencing. Participants need to be able to access a cell phone, tablet, or computer that allows for video in order to get the most out of the class.  These classes will cover an immense amount…