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By signing up for courses on Ori Institute, you are agreeing to keep its content, videos, handouts, information, your notes, assignments, and any other information in written, video, audio, implied form confidential. This means you will not share the information your receive through class with anyone in any form including verbally without express consent of instructors facilitating the classes and the administration of Ori Institute. Both consents must be in writing by signature.  Failure to do so means you have violated our policy and you are fully responsible for those implications legally, morally and spiritually.  By signing up for a course, you are agreeing to these stipulations and agree to be bound by them in all ways implied.  By violating this policy, you understand and agree to prosecution to the full extent of the law in whatever country (s)  you reside.


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To offer valuable online education and training to conscious adults in the holistic sciences, sacred arts. and indigenous technology for the purpose of empowerment, healing, and personal evolution. We endeavor to support each persons journey by offering them opportunities to learn and explore in the comfort of their home, phone, or tablet anywhere in the world.
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