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Online Ifa Priesthood Education Program Now Available for Ifa Initiates

After a year of intense development, Oloye Fayomi Falade, an Iyanifa with over 50 years experience in the Ifa Orisa traditions, has completed recording videos for an Ifa Priest Education program hosted by Ori Institute. Now, those initiated Ifa priests in the Diaspora who are seeking comprehensive and affordable education based on traditional Ifa can do so with the confidence of learning from a tenured traditional priest with an established Ile.

Ideally, one should be able to learn what is necessary from their Oluwo who initiated them. This program is not designed to replace the direct teaching from your Oluwo or Ojubona. However, in the Diaspora, the level of training necessary to make a competent priest is not always easy to attain. Some cannot afford to go to Africa to study for 10 years with a Babalawo. Family and financial obligations at home can realistically hinder this. Others may have been initiated locally and for one reason or another, may have not been able to get the level of training they desired. Others may have gotten training, but seek to take their education to the next level. Whatever the case, the courses in this Series of courses offer an outstanding opportunity for Ifa Education.

The series is comprised of 5 courses that take the practitioner from worship to practice. The series begins with the Elements of Worship course. This course is a video taped retreat offered to Chief Fayomi’s priest in Ile Iwonsan Mimo Orunmila Temple. This retreat lasted 3 days and comprises a whopping 27videos recorded live. It is a virtual retreat! All of the little things not in books that are passed from teacher to student are recorded and now available to be shared with you. It also serves as a summary for the courses to come covering everything from Working with Egungun to work on the Opon Ifa to Ori work. This course alone will up the game for any Ifa Priest.

The series continues with the Awo Practitioner class. This class discusses extensively Ifa tools of priests, the use of blood, ebo and ebo riru and ese. It covers the tools used by priests and ethics. It serves as a preparatory course for the following course in Dafa. The Dafa course covers the technical skills for how to perform Ifa Divination. Procedures, prayers, interpretations are all covered. These courses are recorded videos of live online classes. Nothing is edited so you get the full class with participant questions an all. In addition to the 10 -12 hours of video for each course, the hand outs alone will serve to be a full manual for the Practioner.

The program courses continue in the same formats with Ewe and Ifa Medicines. While this topic is a lifetime of study, this course introduces the Priest into the use of traditional medicine for multiple purposes. The Ifa view of dis-ease and conditions will be explained. You will learn how to use some specific medicines for healing and empowerment. Hands on projects are required in this course.

Finally, the course is rounded out with Counseling and Ceremonies. Chief Fayomi has a degree in counseling so mental health is very important to her. This along with practicing as a priest offers a comprehensive approach to Ifa counseling in the Diaspora. You will explore traditional marriage and couples counseling including polygamous counseling. Further, the class rounds out with performing African Marriage and funerals.

These are topics and courses not found anywhere else. And.. they can be delivered in the comfort of your device. Ori Institute offers these classes so that can be viewed from laptop, tablet, or cellphones. What is also outstanding is the affordability of the courses. While there are other online courses available, they start at around $500 for the basics and can go up to tens of thousands of dollars! While these courses are certain to increase over time, you can be assured that the whole program , for those that enroll this year (2017) can be taken for less than $1295! That’s right, the individual courses average a mere $250 per course till the end of the year! To make it more enticing and ultra affordable, payment plans are also available!

The courses allow for up to 6 months to complete each course and once complete, a certificate documenting their coursework is issued. A final comprehensive exam is offered by Ori Institute and those who successfully complete it are issued an Ifa Practitioner Certification Document. While this document will not confirm your compency as an awo, (Only your Oluwo can do that), it can serve as an indispensable confirmation of your Ifa Education as a priest.

To take the courses or program, sign up on  

Enrollment requires that all applicants confirm their status as an initiate and may require an interview and/ or other documentation before being approved for the course.



September 4, 2017

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