Calling on Initiated Isese Olorisas and Elders We Need your Wisdom! 

Call for Papers: Anthology on the Orisas 

Call to Action 

An alarming number of published works and self appointed teachers about Orisa  are emerging online And in the literary markets.. Unfortunately the majority are written by people who are not initiated, Some of  which who are not even practitioners of the tradition at all. They take misinformation  from the internet and republish it as a truth.  This has led to a situations where lies become the truth and it degrades our great traditions to a fad and our spiritual technologies as curios. As it goes, however, if we don’t write, someone else will. It is with that understanding that we are calling those  who are true initiates of Orisa with experience to share with others the truth so the public won’t be deceived. Many have great knowledge but no time to write a whole book. But, they can write an article and we invite that for this special work.

 We are  compiling an anthology on Orisa written by Initiated priests in the tradition. We want to hear your stories, what you know,  and what you  have learned about the Orisa (s)  you are initiated to. The focus will be on Isese (Based on continental practices) initiated priests of all Orisa but we  will consider those initiated to other Diaspora lineages on a case by case basis.  While we embrace Orunmila/Ifa specific articles acceptance of these  will be limited due to the desire to promote more valid information to the public on other Orisa priesthoods in Isese. Each Orisa is its own priesthood and we want to promote the entire scope. We want you to dispel the myths and misunderstandings people may have And broaden people’s understanding about Orisa and what it means to be an Olorisa, Iyalorisa, or Babalorisa. 

Special Preference to Elders ( Over the age of 60 or with More than 10 years experience) 

We will give special preference to articles written by or about Elders in the tradition. Many elders are dying without their stories being told or knowledge shared. We know that an elder can be a full library and it’s important to preserve the knowledge especially if they have made valuable contributions . We  want to give space for those jewels to be shared for the next generations. If you have an Elder in Africa or in the diaspora that has extensive knowledge that can be shared, we embrace that. We are also open for people who would like to help with the writing process for Elders by interviewing and/ or transcribing audio into an official paper. If you are an elder and you do not have a person to help you, we may be able to provide a person to help you. Just send us a message at Or fill out the Intention to Submit form. 

You Don’t Have to be a Scholar! 

We accept scholars  but we don’t need people to be scholars. Your lived experience and practical knowledge is enough. We also don’t need fancy work to impress college professors.   We want the writing for this anthology by everyday Olorisa for  everyday people who are searching for greater understanding, elevation and solid information on Orisa beyond the internet. People with real world experience with Orisa.  

If you would like to assist an elder with writing, interviewing, or transcribing an audio interview with someone, please click on the link to Submit a proposal button. 

  • Requirements for Papers: No official limit on words for the paper. Each paper will be evaluated on its on merit and content.  All papers must include Title, the article, any references, a short bio unless the paper is  biographical or autobiographical itself. The paper must be pre edited. The paper should be written and submitted as a text document. Do not submit PDFs. A picture must accompany the paper if it is not included in the paper.  

  • How to Get Started : Submit an interest  proposal through the link on this page by FEBRUARY 15, 2023. Let us know some information about you, your background and experience with the Orisa or Elder Olorisa  you wish to write about . Tell us what you would like to write about: 
  • Review Process: Once we receive your proposal of intrest, we will review it to determine if it is a fit for this particular work. Each person will be vetted to ensure they are legitimate Olorisas with suitable experience. We will then notify you of our acceptance of your proposal before or on March 1, 2023. You will then have approximately 6 weeks to write and submit your paper. It will be due 17, 2023
  • Dates to Remember : 
  • Initial submission of proposal deadline:  February 15,  2023 
  •  Decision date: March 1,  2023  We will let you know on or before March 1st if your proposal was accepted.   
  • Full Submission of paper April 17, 2023 Submitting is easy! Just use our handy submission portal available here.  

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or  if you have any questions about this process. 

If you are Ready to Submit your Paper, you can do so Here

You are NOT required to wait until acceptance in order to submit your full paper. If you have a completed paper, you can submit it here. We will review the submitted work and notify you of its acceptance by April 17, 2023.