Ori Institute is a school for the study of Spiritual Technology of Africa, it’s Diaspora, & Other indigenous studies.

We are an auxiliary of Ashe Soul Global Village, formerly known as Ori Temple, a 501 (c)(1)(a) faith based organization.  We provide online educational opportunities for priests, devotees, and  people interested in learning about African Ancestral Spirituality, Holistic Healing, Womens Tradtions, and Personal Development.

Isese Ifa Orisa 

Isese Ifa Orisa is a spiritual tradition based in West Africa. It’s  rising in popularity all over the world as African descendants embrace their lost ancestral traditions. It’s also growing among people around the world as people seek new solutions and ways of growing that align with nature.  We offer coruses for all levels from new people to initiated priest. 

We are looking for experienced teachers 

We are currently accepting submissions for new classes to expand our offerings. We have particular interest in people teaching Hoodoo, Akan, Kongo, Zulu, Divination,  Or traditional Healing methods, Must have min 5 or more years experience. Send us a note with what you have in mind and your qualifications! 

These classes can be taken by anyone. Initiation is not required. 

These class require initiation to Ifa or hand of Ifa 

These classes require initiation to Orisa or Egbe.