Ashe Soul Babalawo/Iyanifa Training Bundle

Professional development for Ifa Initiates in the Diaspora

Course Summary

This course is a series of courses designed to offer comprehensive training to support Ifa initiates to become proficient as family priest. This course is specially designed for diaspora priests in that its teachings utilizes Ifa in a practical manner allowing it to be more useful in the western hemisphere, yet adheres to the core time proven methods and principles established by Orunmila. This method has proven to be highly effective in daily practice.

The program comprises of 4 courses bundled together.
Ifa 101 Fundamentals of Ifa  covers beginning principles for priests and tools for learning.
Ifa 202 Practical Odu Principles covers the Major odu Ifa and its metaphysical principles. 
Ifa 303 Dafa Theory and Practice teaching how to divine with Opele and Ikin and interpret the Odu that falls and determine the Ebo.
Ifa 404 Intermediate Ifa covers ewe , medicines, common ceremonies for priest. 

The course is designed to be partially self paced in that you can take as long as you need to master a principle before moving on. There are some drip content however that prevents you from moving too fast and possibly skipping much needed understanding before moving on.

This course is ideal to study theory for beginning priests in an online self paced format. In order to be a efficient Babalawo or Iyanifa, however, it is essential to obtain hands on application in person under the direction of a competent priest. So, this course can be useful as a supplement to in person training. Hands on training in person is also available in Africa and In the United States for those who complete this course. 

Ori Institute

Course Pricing

Fundamentals 101

$99.99 USD

  • Individual Module 1-3 for non subscription students. Pay as you go

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Practical Odu Ifa 202- Individual Course

$150 USD

  • Learn the practical, metaphysical, and esoteric applications of the 16 major Odus

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Dafa Theory and Practice 303

$450 USD

  • Level 2 training on how to perform Dafa

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Intermediate ifa Priesthood development 404

$600 USD

  • Ewe and Oogun, Ara Orun, Ceremonies

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Selective subscription

$79 USD

per month

  • For individuals who took the Odu course separately and don’t need to take it again but want to continue in the training course

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Monthly Subscription

$79 USD

per month

  • For the full course including the Odu course

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