Bone Divination Masters Level Course

Advanced Master Bone Divination Course for students who have completed the Apprentice Level

Course Summary

The Master course will advance the initial skills from the Apprentice course. This is where the practitioner separates themselves from regular bone readers to Professional diviners. The student will learn
How to create common solutions using the bones for rootwork and with Traditional African methods and the effect of nature methods.
How to fix and find solutions for common situations with traditional baths , candles, etc.
how to delineate court cases , health issues, life purpose .
How to create a specialized set of bones.
How to incorporate spiritual divinities into your system.
It will also expand the map upon which the practitioner reads as well as the cosmological proach incorporating 16 core African principles that are the foundation for all life. This course will expand the practitioners viewpoint enormously. It is more intense and requires more memorization, homework, and practical and written test and case studies required to obtain certification as a bone diviner. The Apprentice Course is a prerequisite for the Master course.
The course is offered live via video conferencing. Participants need to be able to access a cell phone, tablet, or computer that allows for video in order to get the most out of the class. These classes will cover an immense amount of information and require focused study for mastery.

The course will be taught by master bone diviner Ayele Kumari, PhD ( Iya Ifayele Fasola) who is a fully initiated priest in the Ifa Orisa Tradition as well as a Traditional healer. She has been a professional diviner for over 25 years and has trained in multiple divination systems including I ching, Tarot and Ifa . She has been a bone diviner for 15 years. Initially taught from her ancestors, her training formalized and expanded through studying the art with traditional African priests in the Akan and Botswana Congo traditions.

Course Curriculum

Chief Abiye Ayele Kumari

Professional Bio

Website: Personal Website

Summary: Over 30 years of experience in Healing and in Indigenous knowledge systems.  Over 20 years in women's traditions and spirituality. 15 years as a college professor... an author of 3 books and publisher of 15 books. Offers a dynamic blend of western and indigenous training from common sense mother wit to high spiritual science. Offers retreats, lectures workshops and personal training and mentoring.

Alternate name: Aare Obabinrin Oloye Abiye Okungbemi Anike Tayese Ase Ifayele Iyafunfun Oyatunde Ojeronke Fasola

Formal Education:
B.A. Sociology, M.A. Counseling, PhD in Metaphysical Theology, ND Naturopathy
Dip. Hom.Homeopathy

License and Certifications:
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed New Thought/ Metaphysical Minister
Certified Life Coach
Certified Ayurvedic Therapist
Certified Aromatherapist
Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy
Certified in Herbology
Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Initiations and Spiritual Technology

Aare Oba Obinrin Olokun Omilere United States

Omilere Alaragbo Global Foundation

Fully initiated to mysteries of :Olokun, Oya ,Obatala, Ọṣun, Yemoja, Osanyin
Ifa (Iyanifa) ( Ifa readings and medicine)

Gelede by Iyalosa  Olomitutu Ota, Nigeria 

Egungun by Alagba Ifasakin

Training under the direction of Fategbe Kekereje Fasola,  Olori Fayomi Falade, Falokun Fatunmbi, Ifadiran Egunseye, Babalola Akinola, Olori Abiye Yeyelodu Abike Osunbunmi
Iyami ( Eleye) from Iyaloja Fakayode, Ogboni From Apena Ifalase, Abiye Apena

Lineage: Ancestral Pride Temple , Ota, Nigeria under the direction of Oluwo Fasola Faniyi Babatunde
Onisegun ( traditional healer) apprenticed under the direction of Babola Akinola

Aborigine Ogboni Worldwide under Apena Ifalase and Olori Abiye Osunbunmi Otitolagba number 2 

Zulu Nyanga Training And Ceremony- Authorized to do Zulu  Bone Divination and dispense Muthi ( medicines) - Gobela Gogo Ateyo Nkanyezi -Inandabukhona Lineage 


Dafa, Erindilogun (cowrie shell ) , tarot, I Ching

Akan Ancestral Bone Divination by Okomfo Mausiki Scales

Reiki Master Teacher
Indigenous Tantric Training and Dravidian Mysteries
Special Training in Botswana, Kikuyu, Sumerian, Dakota Sioux, Wolof, Igbo, Ewe, Dagara, Dagoma, and Ga-Dangme.
Kemetian Mysteries
Taoist teachings: I Ching, Tai Chi
Hermetics, Kaballah, and Rosicrucian
Fellowship of Isis initiated priestess hierophant of Shekhmet and Het Hert in Lyceum of Black Isis
Womens Mysteries

Spiritual Gifts: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, hands on healing, dream work

Course Pricing

  • One time payment
  • $250 USD

    One time payment with 6 month access