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Membership  Program

We know it’s hard to find reliable information about the Ifa Orisa tradition especially if you have no community nearby. Back in the day, you would join the local Ile or spiritual house and go with it. But in the 21st century, we have things like time, distance, lineage, personality, and so many other things that can create a problem for that kind of connection.

Because of this, we have an Ashe Soul Membership program. This program is designed to support your development process by offering exclusive access to Ashe Soul private social network, built exclusively for our community and devotees interested in connecting, growing, and learning together.
One of the benefits of joining our community are our Ashe Soul Circle   community chats and study sessions in Isese ifa Orisa. This is a means to deepen your walk..or even learn if you have one in the Ifa Orisa Tradition. This program is offered exclusively to Ashe Soul Global Village Members. Once a member, you can sign up here to access our archives and other materials appropriate for your level of development.

Other benefits include 
* access to the ASHE SOUL Library which has all kinds of topics on metaphysics, African Spirituality, Healing, and more! Ebooks and articles are included and  more will also be added as ongoing content for membership!

* Discounts on Appointments, initiations, ceremonies, offered through Ashe Soul Global Village.

 If you have already signed up, you can gain access to these archives with a coupon code that will bypass additional payment. It can be  found in the  Group that corresponds to your membership level on the Ashe Soul Social network or by contacting Chief Abiye. 

Ori Institute

Awo Okikifa Ifalaja Olosun

Awo Okikifa (Oh KeeKee Fa) is a fully initiated Priest of Ifa  and Initiated to Vodun as a Damballah priest. He is a professional horticulturist Arborist, and Herbalist.

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