Yoruba Eerindinlogun for Olorisa

Learn traditional Isese cowrie divination based on Osogbo Lineage

Course Summary

This course is for people (Olorisa) fully initiated into an Ifa Orisa Priesthood . Initiation from any verifiable lineage in Africa or the Diaspora is acceptable. Traditional Olorisa divine with the Erindilogun Oracle or 16 cowrie shells. The shells are a part of the Ifa Orisa literary corpus and consist of a collection of core principle , stories, sacred verses, remedies, and solutions for problems. If you have always wanted to learn how to divine with cowries at the foot of a traditional Olorisa, this class is for you!

This course is taught by a traditional Olorisa from Nigeria with over 40 years experience. She will be teaching you :
How to divine with cowries as done in Nigeria.
How to identify 16 Odus and witheir configurations.
Learn basic verses associated with each odu and practical meanings as understood traditionally.
The orisa traditionally associated with each Odu.
The traditional ebo associated with the odu

This course will be an intensive due to time constraints of the visiting Olorisa in America. She is visiting the United States briefly and I’ve convinced her to teach this course between other ceremonies and initiations she is performing. Because of that, some of the times may vary and classes my not be on consistent days Or times so  Patience is requested.  All classes however will be recorded so that if you are not able to make the class, you won’t miss the material. Opportunities to ask questions will be available during the live class and recorded class for the duration of the course. While the material for the class is generally learned for a longer period of time and is not likely to make you proficient in the short duration of the class, practice of the material can certainly make you proficient . The class is planned to be finished in 5 -8 days  covering  two 90min sessions per day.
The class will run live from June 21-25th 2021 (more days possible pending the amount of material that needs to be covered).
Morning sessions are from 10am till 11:30am
Afternoon sessions are from 2–3:30 pm

Course Curriculum

Olori Abiye Osunbunmi Adeleye

Princess Abike Osunbunmi hails from the royal lineage of Osogbo as the daughter of Oba Samuel Adisa Adeleye of Osogbo. With over 40 years experience, she is a master herbalist, healer, diviner, teacher and great mother to the entire community. She travels globally sharing her great knowledge of Isese Lagba, Orisa, Egbe, Ifa, Olokun and the traditional religion of the Yoruba people. 
She also holds the following titles and positions:
President General of Omilere Alaragbo Global Foundation
Olori Abiye of Ogboni Agbaye Aborigine Worldwide
President General Ewebunmi Herbal Association
Iyanifa Balogun - Ranked 3rd in the world
Yeleodu of Oluyole
Yeye Osun of Ibadan
Iyamoje of Ibadanland
Yeye Oge isese of Oyo State

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