Unveiling the Secrets of Iyami

A Profound Journey into the Mysteries of Our Mothers from the perspective of Olorisa

Course Summary

Are you a fully initiated priest in the Yoruba tradition seeking a deeper understanding of Iyami and how to support yourself and clients?

Are you tired of the political and misogynistic fear campaigns that undermine women and the grandmothers of the traditions?

Join us for an immersive and enlightening course that explores the profound essence of Our Mothers, Awon Iya wa, also known as the Elders of the night. Dispelling myth, and embracing a factual perspective, this transformative experience will illuminate the pivotal role of Iyami in ALL Orisa work, providing a comprehensive understanding that will enhance your spiritual practice.

Drawing from the rich wisdom of the Yoruba tradition, this course is designed to validate its teachings through the esteemed Erindilogun Odus and the guidance of Olorisa. Through a meticulous exploration of their significance, you will discover why valid Orisa initiations are incomplete without  the profound presence of Iyami. Throughout this captivating journey, you will delve into the depths of knowledge surrounding Iyami, unraveling their true essence and purpose in creation and the world. 
Explore their intricate relationship with Eleye Aje and the profound connection to women, uncovering the empowering dynamics that shape their role in Nature, Orun, and Aye. Discover the enigmatic realm of Oso, men and Esu and its celestial and earthly manifestations, shedding light on the multifaceted nature of Iyami.

Gain profound insights into the sacred relationships between Iyami and Gelede, Ogboni, Osun, Obaluaye, Esu, unveiling the interconnected spiritual tapestry that binds these divine forces. Learn how they play a role in justice for unethical individuals and  healing for adherents.

Learn multiple methods of appeasing Iyami and imule to gain favor and support. 

Discover  the transformative power of Oogun for protection along with  profound techniques of astral transportation. Unlock the secrets to increasing intuition and Ase, empowering yourself with the tools to enhance your spiritual practice and connect with the divine energy of Iyami.

Explore the Ami- Signs of Iyami and delve into the profound world of Imule Agbara, uncovering the hidden symbols and rituals that hold immense power in their presence.
Immerse yourself in the enchanting Oriki for Iyami, invoking their blessings and acknowledging their profound influence in your spiritual journey.
 Immerse yourself in captivating Itans (Stories) about Iyami, delving into the timeless narratives that carry the wisdom and teachings of these revered beings in Odu teachings. Unveil the verses in Erindilogun that pertain to Iyami, gaining a deeper understanding of their profound significance in divination and spiritual guidance.
 Explore Akese, embracing the holistic approach to spiritual practice and expanding your understanding of the interplay between tradition and personal growth.

Enroll now for an enlightening journey of exploration, empowerment, and spiritual growth that will forever deepen your connection to the divine essence of Iyami.

The course is a pre-recorded video with a live chat through Whatsapp where you will be able to engage with the instructor directly from Nigeria. The chat will continue for 6 weeks allowing you to delve deeply into the mysteries of our mothers

Short Excerpts from the Course

Baba Soloman Omojie

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$125 USD

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