Four Cowrie Shell Divination Beginning

Communicate with your ancestors and more.

Course Summary

Cowrie Shell Divination has been used in West African Divination for thousands of years. The system is most popular as a  consecrated 16 shell divination  system called Erindillogun or Diloggun. That system is used only by initiated priests in the Orisa Tradition. However,  there is another form of Cowrie Shell Divination that can be used by anyone. This method uses 4 Cowries comes from the Vodun tradition in Benin and is intended to be used as an ancestral oracle.

Many West African Practitioners honor ancestral practices and have ancestral altars. This type of divination is used as a tool for communication with ancestral spirits and at ancestral shrines to determine courses of actions, confirmation, and advice. You can use it to clarify messages in dreams and other situations or even which ancestor is speaking.  This method is also used in determining proper offerings and if those offerings were accepted....or to find out what offerings are requested. Essentially, this system becomes a messages between you and your ancestors and has a multitude of uses.  The system can go from very simple to quite complicated. The class here is the basic foundation system which is generally all that is required to be effective and establish dialog and gain insight.
The course is a part of a larger course on Ancestral Living and also one on Bone Divination but can be studied here independently. It consists of readings and hand outs ; interpretation notes. A worksheet template for documentation of readings in a workbook and 90 minutes of Direct Video instruction on the use of the shells.

You will learn:
1. The nature of Obi or Four Cowrie Divination and it’s cosmology
2. Guidelines for use and setting up a divining space for Divination.
3. Best practices and best questions that support getting the most out of the system.
4. Powerful prayers and invocations to awaken ancestors and call them forth in a session.
5. How to interpret Shell and various positions.
6. The history of Obi Divination in Africa and the Atlantic Diaspora.

Course Curriculum

Ori Institute

Chief Abiye Ayele Kumari

Professional Bio

Website: Personal Website

Summary: Over 30 years of experience in Healing and in Indigenous knowledge systems.  Over 20 years in women's traditions and spirituality. 15 years as a college professor... an author of 3 books and publisher of 15 books. Offers a dynamic blend of western and indigenous training from common sense mother wit to high spiritual science. Offers retreats, lectures workshops and personal training and mentoring.

Alternate name: Aare Obabinrin Oloye Abiye Okungbemi Anike Tayese Ase Ifayele Iyafunfun Oyatunde Ojeronke Fasola

Formal Education:
B.A. Sociology, M.A. Counseling, PhD in Metaphysical Theology, ND Naturopathy
Dip. Hom.Homeopathy

License and Certifications:
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed New Thought/ Metaphysical Minister
Certified Life Coach
Certified Ayurvedic Therapist
Certified Aromatherapist
Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy
Certified in Herbology
Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Initiations and Spiritual Technology

Aare Oba Obinrin Olokun Omilere United States

Omilere Alaragbo Global Foundation

Fully initiated to mysteries of :Olokun, Oya ,Obatala, Ọṣun, Yemoja, Osanyin
Ifa (Iyanifa) ( Ifa readings and medicine)

Gelede by Iyalosa  Olomitutu Ota, Nigeria 

Egungun by Alagba Ifasakin

Training under the direction of Fategbe Kekereje Fasola,  Olori Fayomi Falade, Falokun Fatunmbi, Ifadiran Egunseye, Babalola Akinola, Olori Abiye Yeyelodu Abike Osunbunmi
Iyami ( Eleye) from Iyaloja Fakayode, Ogboni From Apena Ifalase, Abiye Apena

Lineage: Ancestral Pride Temple , Ota, Nigeria under the direction of Oluwo Fasola Faniyi Babatunde
Onisegun ( traditional healer) apprenticed under the direction of Babola Akinola

Aborigine Ogboni Worldwide under Apena Ifalase and Olori Abiye Osunbunmi Otitolagba number 2 

Zulu Nyanga Training And Ceremony- Authorized to do Zulu  Bone Divination and dispense Muthi ( medicines) - Gobela Gogo Ateyo Nkanyezi -Inandabukhona Lineage 


Dafa, Erindilogun (cowrie shell ) , tarot, I Ching

Akan Ancestral Bone Divination by Okomfo Mausiki Scales

Reiki Master Teacher
Indigenous Tantric Training and Dravidian Mysteries
Special Training in Botswana, Kikuyu, Sumerian, Dakota Sioux, Wolof, Igbo, Ewe, Dagara, Dagoma, and Ga-Dangme.
Kemetian Mysteries
Taoist teachings: I Ching, Tai Chi
Hermetics, Kaballah, and Rosicrucian
Fellowship of Isis initiated priestess hierophant of Shekhmet and Het Hert in Lyceum of Black Isis
Womens Mysteries

Spiritual Gifts: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, hands on healing, dream work

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