Ifa Education with Oloye Fayomi Falade- Dafa Divination 3

Course 3 Ile Iwonsan Orunmila Mimo Temple of Pheonix

Course Summary

This course is a continuation of the Post Initiation Awo Practitioner Education series. Prior coursework approval is required to take this course. Confirmation of credentials are also required. This course will cover how to perform Dafa Divination. The student will also learn how to understand and interpret Odu Ifa ese verses. This course is a recording of a live video class taught to real students. There is approximately 15 hours of video  lesson and demonstration. The course will entail comprehensive videos and handouts to ensure understanding. Completion of the course will result in a certificate .

This course requires approval by instructor as it is a post initiation course and only for those who have undergone itefa or itelodu level initiations. Once purchased, you will be contacted and interviewed before approval for access of the course. If you do not meet the qualifications, you will receive a refund.

Course Curriculum

Oloye Fayomi Falade

Oloye Fayomi Falade Aworeni is an initiated Priest of Ifa (Iyanifa), Orisa priest, Chief priest Iya Abiye Awo Agbaye of Ile Ife, Yeye Agbomola of the Kpojito court, Iya Abiye of Saala International Ogboni Temple, author and blog writer on Ifa philosophy, spiritual life counselor,diviner, teacher and storyteller. Iya has a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Course Pricing

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  • $297 USD

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