Akose Master Class for Olorisa

Learn how to make spiritual medicines for love, money, protection, cleansing and more,

Course Summary

Akose is the Yoruba sacred technology of herbs and other natural substances to effect change and improve the quality of life. Often when people go to Ifa Orisa priests, they are seeking solutions to their problems. Akose may be part of the solution. From soaps to baths to powders and talismans, these sacred technologies can solve many problems. Every priest should have some of these in their tool kit. This course was broadcast live over 2 days and then recorded . The videos are now available for this course. Some topics covering herb identification, types of Ewe ( plants) that can be found in your backyard, and how to turn them into powerful spiritual medicines.  This course is for Ifa Orisa initiates who wish to learn how to prepare such medicine and learn more of the sacred science. It is taught by the master herbalist who developed the now patented “COVID Capsule” in Nigeria; One of the only formulas in the world that kills the COVID Virus.

You will:
Learn what Akose is and it’s methods of delivery
Explore different herbs found in North America that can be used for Akose .
Explore types of Osole, Ewure, Powders, etc.
Learn recipes and how to make some medicines for increasing wealth, improving relationships, spiritual protection, cleansing, and more.
Gain some highly secret recipes and methods used by priests in Africa.
Learn from a knowledgable master priest and herbalist with over 40 years experience.


Thank you Olori for teaching a most excellent class! This was well beyond my expectations and Im looking forward to more classes soon!- Ifalomo

Course Curriculum

Yeye Alaragbo Oodua Abiye Osunbunmi Adeleye

Princess Abike Osunbunmi also known as Yeye Alaragbo Oodua is a Nigerian born Iyanifa and Iyalorisa hailing  from the royal lineage of Osogbo as the daughter of Oba Samuel Adisa Adeleye of Osogbo. She is the founder of Omilere Alaragbo Global Foundation and a prominent member on the Ooni council. She has more than 40 years as a traditional priestess and travels worldwide to teach and perform ceremonies, initiations, trainings for individuals in Ifa Orisa tradition.  In 2022 she was graced with the title Yeye Alaragbo Oodua by HRM Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, (the traditional ruler and monarch of the Yoruba Kingdom) , placing her as one of the highest ranking people and women in Yorubaland. She is in charge of the Alaragbo Grove in Ile Ife

She also holds the following titles and positions:
President General of Omilere Alaragbo Global Foundation
Olori Abiye of Ogboni Agbaye Aborigine Worldwide
President General Ewebunmi Herbal Association
Iyanifa Balogun - Ranked 3rd in the world
Yeleodu of Oluyole
Yeye Osun of Ibadan
Iyamoje of Ibadanland
Yeye Oge isese of Oyo State

Oloye Abiye Ifayele Okunbegmi Fasola

Iya Abiye Ogboni, Otun Iya AmunifAwo Ose Ose Temple  Ibadanland, Iya Mode Egungun, USA

I have been to Olori Osunbunmi’s compound and Herbal factory in Nigeria and her level of knowledge about herbs and medicines is beyond words. She walked me around her compound and identified every herb, grass, weed and Identified their use. The. She visited me in the United States and walked around my own yard and did the same. You are guaranteed to learn some valuable things in this class.   

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$150 USD

  • Full enrollment depends on verification of priesthood.

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