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Essence of Existence

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Live class begins December 10, 2022
1pm Eastern

This course explores the concept of Ori from the perspective of one’s destiny, Iyami, and practices that can enhance the connection, Using his new bestseller book, Ori: Essence of Existence by Olayemi Bolarinwa , the author teaches this course to elaborate the concepts from the book. Sign up and receive a copy of the book. Or If you already have the book, just sign up for the class to deepen your understanding and insight.
This course will explore the significance of Ori to destiny. This course will also explore little known concepts in the west such as  the influence of Iyami on destiny.
Other concepts such as Ori Bibo and the components of Ori are also taught with full notes in addition to the book.

The book can be purchased through the Amazon link below

Course Curriculum

Ori Institute

Baba Olayemi Bolarwinwa

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