Tarot Made Easy

Learn how to read tarot for yourself and others from this video recording of a live class.

Course Summary

The Tarot workshop is designed to teach the meaning of the Major and Minor Arcana with an emphasis on the systems of numerology, and the four elements of fire, earth, air, and water. This series is for anyone who wants to learn a foundation of Tarot knowledge that one can build on for years to come. Students will also learn how to read the cards in a spread and learn to get information from the pictures on the cards; quick tricks to learn the meanings of each card; how to prepare before readings, and secrets to increase accuracy.

This course was initially taught live at the Third Eye Lounge in Charleston, South Carolina . It was recorded through video conferencing to make it available to online students.

Course Objectives
After completing this course, students will be able to:
Learn how to choose, cleanse and protect their tarot decks
Interpret the meanings of cards based on numerology, elements, and symbols
Explore various interpretations in spreads
Practice reading with other students to get comfortable with “real life” interpretations
Develop personal rituals to connect with spirit guides before readings

Lesson 1: Introduction: Overview of course: Numerology, 4 elements, astrology and the
difference between the major and minor arcana. Choosing and consecrating
cards. Rituals for spiritual connections; Homework
Lesson 2: Numbers 0-3: Minor and Major Arcana 0-3; Homework
Lesson 3: Numbers 4-6 Minor and Major Arcana 4-6; Homework
Lesson 4: Numbers 7-9 Minor and Major Arcana 7-9 Homework
Lesson 5: numbers 10, 20, 21 & court , Major arcana 10, 20, 21 & Court cards. Homework
Lesson 6: review and practice , Review major components and questions. Learn and practice spreads.

Course Curriculum

Ikeoma Divine

Course Pricing

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  • $125 USD

    One time payment with life time access